Twenty (plus) years and three salons, you can find Pittsburgh’s rock and roll hairdresser quietly sculpting yet another stunning haircut in her newest salon located in the hip new development of Lawrenceville Pa. Salon Christine sits off the main Butler street , making it more of a quaint neighborhood feel. The old fashioned fushia screen door brings an immediate smile to everyone’s face upon entering. The quiet buzz of softbeat music, the gardenia trees , orchid and jasmine trees adorn the eclectic decor ranging from refurbished mexican doors to 200 year old mirrors which lend it all to a very naturally sophisticated and comfortable atmosphere. “Most of our salon guests arrive early , just to sink in to the way they feel when they are in our company. Atmosphere is incredibly important..just as important as the final dynamic haircut/color result”.

A positive leader, a master communicator and a great listener in the hairdressing industry , Christine’s national and international background leads bright new assistants as well as loyal and new salon guests towards beautiful beginnings and consistently stunning results that are fabulously classic, timeless and personalized haircuts and colors. “What is the purpose of living if one cannot enlighten many others in many ways”.

“Every moment of every day is a new opportunity to learn another point of view. I have been deeply honored to attract brilliant and internationally renowned salon guests, lifelong friends of every age and new salon guests moving in to Pittsburgh that want to get away from the busy big salon atmospheres”.