Salon Christine is scheduled heavily at various times thru the year. To assure the consistency of your fabulous hair, please schedule your next appointment in advance when leaving the salon.

Respectfully Call if you are going to be late. When you are late, everyone else is pushed behind. Salon Christine is known for running a very timely and considerate schedule, for everyone.

Kindly cancel 24 hours or more in advance, as we do have a waiting list of guests that would love to schedule a last minute appointment.

If you are sick, sneezing, coughing, or have a head cold and are not on doctor prescribed medication for the ailment we have the right to refuse your appointment time with us. We love you. We don’t love your germs. Please be thoughtful and reschedule your appointment.

At Salon Christine, we are compassionate enough to honor absolutely everyones beliefs. I consider us to be more than fortunate to service and honor many different religions and belief systems, all at the same time. Please help to keep our very zen atmosphere stay this way, by NOT discussing any politics during your very precious and peaceful time with us. Remember, although everyone has the right to their own opinion, everyone also has the right to spend quality time in a relaxing atmosphere.
Thank you for your shared compassion.